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  • TALKING TRADE: Trump vows to move quickly on NAFTA in meetings with Mexican, Canadian leaders
  • EMPTY CABINET Trump's key picks face questions from Dems, GOP
  • DID MISSILE MISFIRE? Report: Britain’s Trident veered toward US mainland
  • DEADLY ROBBERY Good Samaritan killed trying to stop jewelry heist
  • A REAL HORSE FIGHT Amish men, Kentucky town spar over equine diapers
  • New York governor requires insurance companies to cover contraception - Day after Trump sworn in, hundreds of thousands protest presidency in celeb-studded march - Slideshow: Women's March on Washington
  • Falcons rout Packers in NFC Championship, advance to Super Bowl
  • Homeless man accused of trying to blow up Boston police cruiser
  • George H.W. Bush's health improving, wife to spend extra night in hospital
  • Search intensifies for 23 still missing after avalanche in Italy
  • Spilled marbles cause lane closure on Indiana interstate
  • Note 7's battery design, manufacture caused fires, Samsung says
  • Second round of severe weather slams South, death toll reaches 18 - VIDEO: Cleanup begins after deadly storms - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER
  • Charlie Liteky, who gave back his Medal of Honor, dies
  • 'JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE': Trump will be 'biggest change agent' in US history, Pirro says
  • Royals ace Ventura, ex-MLB player Marte killed in separate car crashes
  • 'The Hobbit' book returned after 38-year unexpected journey
  • Car that saved Corvette
  • Microsoft's phone-to-tablet
  • Chelsea: Not a Dem anymore
  • Boy George defends Melania
  • Big news for Jack fans
  • 6 top concealed carry guns
  • Science behind your stress
  • John Wayne gun for beginners
  • What Christians owe Trump
  • Emily bares all
  • WWE star finds God
  • Bed bug attack at resort?
  • CIA shares trove of UFO files
  • Top presidential movies

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    Motley Fool Headlines

    Motley Fool Headlines

  • Will Social Security's $11 Trillion Shortfall Destroy Your Retirement?
  • Your 2017 Guide to Retirement Planning
  • 3 Stocks That Are Up 20% in January
  • OptionsHouse vs. TradeStation: Comparing Online Discount Brokers
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  • Why Himax Technologies Is Not a Top Stock to Buy Now
  • American Airlines Follows United, Bans Carry-On Suitcases for Cheapest Tickets
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  • What Investors Need to Know About Nintendo's Switch Console
  • IBM Finally Turns the Corner
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  • NVIDIA Corporation Volta Architecture Rumor Emerges
  • Saving for College? Consider a Roth IRA
  • 3 Things to Watch When Starbucks Corporation Posts Earnings
  • Don't Get Robbed at the Pump
  • Britain Will Build a Laser Cannon
  • The Simple Reason You Can't Know Your Retirement Number
  • Alphabet Abandons Space Project -- Is SpaceX Next on Its List?
  • 3 Big Risks for Marijuana Stocks in 2017
  • Amazon Grows Its Robot Army -- Is a Robot Air Force Next?
  • Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 Production Increases Are Coming -- Even With Slowing Orders
  • What Investors Need to Know About a 2017 U.S. Oil And Gas Production Resurgence
  • These Dividend Stocks Could Double in 2017
  • How Will Gilead Sciences Fare Under President Trump?
  • 7 Tax Tips to Help Avoid an IRS Audit
  • Better Buy: Whole Foods Market, Inc. vs. Sprouts Farmers Market Inc
  • This Is Amazon's Plan to Squeeze Every Dollar Out of Its Video Content
  • Want Tax-Free Income? Here Are 4 Ways to Get It
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  • Should You Claim Social Security at 62?
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  • Here's Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Marijuana
  • Can Rite Aid Stock Bounce Back After Last Week's 14% Drop?
  • New Year's Resolutions for a First-Time Home Buyer
  • Price of Silver in 2017: Why It Could Bounce Higher
  • 75 Years of Net Interest Payments on U.S. National Debt in 1 Chart
  • This Week in Solar
  • 2 Stocks You Can Buy and Hold Forever
  • Having a Baby in 2017? Here Are 2 Tax Moves to Make Now
  • This Little Biotech Could Have a Big Winner on Its Hands
  • Can Duluth Holdings Inc Defy the Death of Retail?
  • Warren Buffett's Advice for Investing During Trump's Presidency
  • Will McDonald's Raise Its Dividend in 2017?

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